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Would you like to travel to Mykonos? If so, our professional team will make your holiday a living dream. Discover Mykonos Mykonos is known in the entire world, as a magical travel destination! It is an island known for both, its magnificent scenery and the top quality services it offers to the visitors. Many actors and celebrities have chosen concierge Services by Billionaire Club Mykonos. We are able to offer full vacation packages and also personalized deals, based on your own needs and preferences. In Mykonos, you can find everything, from beautiful beaches, where you can enjoy romantic sunsets, next...

The Unique Beauty Of Santorini

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Santorini: Location and History Santorini is located in Cyclades islands, in the Aegean sea. It was almost destroyed by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC, this changed the island forever and shaped its iconic landscape. It is an island with a history that goes back thousand of years. Thera as it is also known is the best known side, outside of Crete that was linked to the ancient Minoan civilization. The excavations in Akrotiri, confirmed that in the late 60s. Many of the houses in Akrotiri are major structures, some of them are even three stories high. In...


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Mykonos Location and Details Mykonos is an island located in Greece, part of Cyclades, the island is 85.5 square km. The population of Mykonos is 10.135, most of whom are located in Chora which is the largest town of Mykonos. The island’s History Mikonos is mentioned by the historian Herodotus to be originally inhabited by the Carians. In the later years (the early 11th century), there was migration by Ionians also inhabiting the island. The island of Delos which is also near by 2 km away, made Mikonos a major place for supplies and transit. Even though in ancient times,...

Yachting In Style

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Luxury Yachting Yachting is the use of recreational boats or ships called yachts for raising or cruising. The term originally came from the Dutch navy, that invented yachts in the first place, to catch pirates and thieves quickly in shallower waters, where larger ships couldn’t sail. Nowadays, luxury yachting is a superb hobby that is entertaining for everyone involved. It can provide great fun and the feeling of independence and peace of sailing in the bright blue water. You can enjoy sailing with your family and friends and spend some quality time, stress free or you can choose motor yachting...

Luxury Concierge Services Mykonos

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It is certain that you have read many articles, reviews and evaluations about Mykonos island, the luxurious lifestyle and a little crowds it attracts. Luxury Concierge Services Mykonos Billionaire Club There are many different concierge companies that provide a variety of different services. The notoriety of Mykonos island is iconic and the vacation options it provides limitless. There are activities for every taste and budget. Billionaire Club Mykonos is one of the biggest providers of VIP concierge services in Mykonos. Our specialized personnel will provide you with a unique customized schedule, according to your personal preferences and individual needs. By...

The Best Fine Dining Experience in Mykonos

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Fine Dining Mykonos Experience Fine dining Mykonos is a multi sensory experience with this term we refer to a restaurant experience of higher quality and greater formality than the average casual dining restaurant. A fine dining restaurant usually has a more elegant atmosphere, a more elaborate menu and the food is served in a more formal way, typically multi-course, either with a la carte or prix fixe menu options. Have a fine dining Mykonos experience! Each fine dining restaurant is unique, but all establishments share a few common traits. Aiming AT Perfection The attention given to precision and detail along...