Billionaires Club Experience

london experiences - billionaire club mykonos


London is the culture Mekka of Europe. The base of lifestyle and trends with unlimited options either you are on a business trip or on vacations. Billionaire Club Mykonos can provide the best concierge services  not only in Mykonos, but also in London.

Do not hesitate to contact us, either you need a luxurious hotel booking, tables at London’s best Michelin star restaurants or even bodyguards for your personal security.

dubai experiences - billionaire club mykonos


Dubai is a synonym for luxury with all its amazing 5-star and 6-star hotels.

The exclusivity of services provided to each guests, elevating the visitors expectations to extremely high standards.

You can have a taste of what it’s like to live like a billionaire (luxurious yachts)!

Billionaire Club Mykonos can offer you the chance to have life changing experiences.

miami experiences - billionaire club mykonos


Travelling to Miami, using Billionaire Club Mykonos, can be the experience of a lifetime.

We can offer you anything you need, from mega yachts to private drivers, luxurious villas,

exclusive hotel bookings, personal security services, event planning and organization for all your special occasions.

We can guarantee the quality and exclusivity of every service that we provide, being at the highest of standards.

monaco experiences - billionaire club mykonos


Monaco is one of the most exclusive travel destinations on the planet.

The beauty of the city, the majestic scenery of the palace and the jet set lifestyle at the French Riviera are an experience that no one

should miss in this life time.

Billionaire Club  can offer you the most elite services.

No matter how you would like to spend your time there, our concierge services will make all your wishes come true!

We can offer all kinds of exclusive vip services, such as private jets, helicopters, bookings at the most luxurious villas, hotels

and some of the most unique yachting experiences, so you can enjoy the French Riviera at its finest and have the full experience.

Toronto Canada


Toronto, the vibrant and cosmopolitan capital of Ontario, Canada, is a city that effortlessly blends modernity with a rich historical heritage. From its awe-inspiring architecture and diverse cultural scene to its thriving culinary delights and picturesque landscapes, Toronto offers an array of luxury experiences that cater to the most discerning individuals.

We can offer all kinds of executive services, such as business jets, helicopters, bookings at the most luxurious villas, and some of the most unique sea experiences, so you will be able to enjoy Toronto, Canada at its finest and have the best experience.

Singapore experiences - billionaire club


Also known as the “Lion City,” Singapore, is a city-state island country located off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Recognized as the world’s fourth leading financial center and a bustling cosmopolitan world city, Singapore plays a key role in international trade and finance.

Contact us about VIP destinations in Singapore (lifestyle experiences). We can suggest the best resorts you can visit and all the major events you shouldn’t miss!

Dubai Experience

We can arrange a unique experience in the desert of Dubai a safari with off road routes, discovering how the local Bedouins live and have the opportunity to ride camels, eat traditional food and try local tea. Join the Billionaire Club Dubai & London.