The Unique Beauty Of Santorini

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Santorini: Location and History

Santorini is located in Cyclades islands, in the Aegean sea. It was almost destroyed by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC, this changed the island forever and shaped its iconic landscape.

It is an island with a history that goes back thousand of years.

Thera as it is also known is the best known side, outside of Crete that was linked to the ancient Minoan civilization.

The excavations in Akrotiri, confirmed that in the late 60s.

Many of the houses in Akrotiri are major structures, some of them are even three stories high.

In many houses, stone staircases are still in tact, they contain huge ceramic storage jars, mills and pottery.

Also wall paintings known as Frescos have been found very well preserved due to them being burred under many metres of volcanic ash.

Historical Facts

Historical facts have shown that the inhabitants of Thera were sophisticated and wealthy people.

The well preserved ruins of the ancient town are often compared to the ruins of Pompeii in Italy.

Santorini remained unoccupied through out the rest of the bronze age and was later inhabited by definitions at the collapse of the Bronze Age.

Later on in the 9th century BC, it was inhabited by the Dorians who founded it the main Hellenic City on Mesa Vouno.

It has been also claimed that they named the island and the city after their leader Theras.

Like many other Greek territories, Santorini was later on ruled by the Romans and when the Roman Empire was divided the island became part of the Byzantine Empire. The island was occupied by the Duchy of Naxos after the 4th crusade and was also raided by the Turkish principalities of Menteshe and Aydin without suffering much damage.

Even though the island changed hands during his long history, its beauty has remained untouched to this day.

The Island Now

Tourism has expanded in recent years and as a result, there is a massive growth of the economy and population.

The attraction of Santorini are too many to count, the traditional architecture, the unique characteristic in the common utilization of the hyposkapha, which are houses extensions drug side ways or down words in to the surrounding pumice, they are very cool during the summer and warm at winter.

The castle of Oia offers the change to watch some of the most breath taking sunsets and the three blue domes are also a popular spot offering a phenomenal view.

In Santorini, you will also have the chance to go on a boat trip of the volcano, which is an once in a life time experience.

You can sail to the volcano, swim in the majestic Aegean sea or the hot springs, peer into the crater of Santorini’s active volcano!

You can also visit the beaches of red, white and coal black sand all formed by the volcanic eruption.

Furthermore, you can visit Imerovigli and Skaros Rock which is a popular site on the island for photography and hiking.

Being there, you can enjoy the view and get to see the ruins of the old fortresses.

Of course, you shouldn’t miss visiting Ammoudi beach, which is located down the Cliff from Oia, you can go for a swim, have amazing fresh seafood in the local restaurant or even though cliff jumping!

If you decide to walk from Fira to Oia, you should definitely check out the most iconic church in Santorini, called Agios Theodoros.

If you are looking for a more quite experience, you can visit the small traditional village of Pyrgos, it has got the best wine production in Santorini and many scenery cafes and restaurants to enjoy a more traditional holiday.

So apart from Akrotiri and ancient Thera, there are many other options for every taste of the island of Santorini.

There is even a tomato museum, dedicated to their famous local product cherry tomatoes.

As far as restaurants, it has got almost everything, you can try either local Greek cuisine and traditional Santorinian dishes, such as:

brantada a traditional fish dish, the famous fava beans, the sweet melitimia and many fresh local fish.

Santorini is also an ideal destination for weddings, there are many romantic couples that get married under the magnificent sunsets of this divine island.

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