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Mykonos Location and Details

Mykonos is an island located in Greece, part of Cyclades, the island is 85.5 square km.

The population of Mykonos is 10.135, most of whom are located in Chora which is the largest town of Mykonos.

The island’s History

Mikonos is mentioned by the historian Herodotus to be originally inhabited by the Carians.

In the later years (the early 11th century), there was migration by Ionians also inhabiting the island.

The island of Delos which is also near by 2 km away, made Mikonos a major place for supplies and transit.

Even though in ancient times, it was a poor island with very limited resources and almost no agriculture, nowadays it has transformed due to


Important Landmarks

There are many important landmarks that one should visit, while in Myconos.

First of all, there is the Municipal Library which was built in the 18th century, where you can find a big collection not only of volumes, but also of photographs and documents, Cycladic coins and many other artefacts related to the islands history and culture.

There are also the famous Windmills of Mikonos that are a trademark of the island.

They were built by the Venetians, during 16th century and many of them have been restored and have become homes for local people.

Furthermore, you should also visit Armenistis lighthouse which is still functioning and is part of the islands maritime history.

The lighthouse is located in Fanari.

Moreover, there is the archeological museum of Mikonos that was built in 1905 and its one of the oldest museums in Greece.

There is a vast selection of artefacts, coming from Mykonos and near by islands.

In addition, there is the Aegean maritime museum that has been open since 1985, where you can learn a lot about Greek maritime history,

tradition and evolution.

Traditional Cuisine

If you visit this island, you should also try some of the local delicacies.

Some of them, are kopanisti Mykonou which is made with cheese, kremmydopita which is a tradition pie with onion filling,

do not forget to try the famous Myconian sausage that is made on the island by the locals.

There are many tasty desserts such as melopita which is a pie with honey, amygdalota that are sweets, made of almonds, and you can also

try lazarakia which is another traditional dessert.


The island of Mykonos is accessible either by boats or ferries or by plane.

Miconos airport is 4 km away from Chora.

Even though, there are local buses (KTEL) and taxis on the island, transportation can be a little bit tricky, due to the fact that there are only a few

and during high season in the summer time, they are not enough to cover the visitors needs.

So it would be recommended to be wise and pre-book your transfer, while on the island, in order not to have an unpleasant experience.

Mykonos In Pop Culture

Mykonos started gaining its glory, during the 60’s, because of the many jet set tourists it attracted!

By the 70’s, it had become an iconic travel destination for all the


During the 80’s, it became known as a gay friendly place, where everyone could be their true selves, accepted and embraced by the local society. At 2000’s, it had become one of the most well known and luxurious travel destinations in the Mediterranean and also one of the most expensive.

Nowadays, Mykonos is known worldwide for the extremely luxurious lifestyle and parties, gathering the global jet set elite.

There are many exclusive events and weddings, taking place on the island every year.

Billionaire Club Mykonos concierge has access to them all and can offer you the most personalized and inclusive concierge services you will find on the island.

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